Best Virgin Hair Companies

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First, What Are The Best Virgin Hair Vendors (Suppliers)?

  1. Can provide you with the lowest wholesale price, which not only saves you costs, but also allows you to sell directly to the end consumer in a local retail store or online, or even when you wholesale to a salon or hairdressing school, you can get the most profit.
  2. Can always provide products with quality assurance. Whether you are in bundles of hair wholesale or a small amount of procurement, they can always provide you with the best cost-effective products to ensure your customer satisfaction.
  3. Has the ability to provide a large number of products and personalized customized products. When you have an order that exceeds the usual quantity or a product that needs to meet the special needs of customers, the best supplier should be ready for you at any time.
  4. Can deliver goods quickly and respond quickly, no matter when, except force majeure, please make sure you can easily contact them when you need, and place your order on time.
  5. A hair vendor who can provide you with direct delivery services. It not only allows you to focus on the quality of the product but also saves a lot of time.
  6. Choose a hair supplier who is not only interested in sending you order but can also act as a vendor that your business partner can help you when needed.

Here are the best virgin hair companies:

1. Ustar

Ustar is a  based-U.S. online and retail  hair brand company. Headquartered in Los Angelse California , U.S, Ustar hair has become one of the premier go-to locations for women looking for quality hair extensions at lower prices. Ustar also offer wholesale and dropship program 

2. Unice

UNice Hair is a leading human hair vendor that sells 100% human virgin hair with over 20 years’ experience in selling human hair.

They are a popular brand that sells 100% unprocessed virgin human hair and they offer a variety of options from hair weaves, closure and frontal, hair extensions and wigs.

3. Nadula

Nadula Hair is also a China-based brand – it’s been around for over ten years. Social Media Influencers like Queen Naija, Delaila Johnson, Jennifer Olaleye, and Deja Monae are ambassadors of this brand.

What makes this brand so amazing? They have instilled the concept of “It’s not just hair, it’s a supreme pursuit of beauty” and has devoted itself to supply natural and comfortable hair products to all of the women.

Nadula hair company strives to earn your trust and respect through premium hair products, affordable prices, and the highest level of service possible.

The best part about this brand is they SHIP from the United States using USPS. 3-5 working days and you will receive the goods.

4. Klaiyi Hair

Klaiyi, as a brand they object the excessive amounts demanded to achieve luxurious looking hair, and have made it their mission to fight the view that premium quality must have a premium price tag.

Klaiyi Hair is also known as Beautiful Hairsells 100% virgin human hair at affordable prices. They offer quality virgin human hair that are soft, thick with no shedding and tangle. No synthetic or chemicals. 

5. Julia Hair

Julia hair, an original brand that focuses on designing, producing, managing, and selling human hair. With a brand idea of youth, vitality, and individuality, they insist on creating high-end fashion Virgin Remy human hair products at a reasonable price.

Julia hair, one of the earliest original human hair brands in China, possesses its own independent design team. Based on the original hairstyle, such as straight hair, body wave, curly hair.

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